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BPO stands for business process outsourcing and it involves contracting a third-party to provide specific business functions. Various operational processes are necessary to make a business run; however hiring a permanent employee to manage each process can be expensive. Business process outsourcing enables a business owner to utilize experts to manage these duties without the costs associated with hiring permanent staff members.

Outsourcing will not only save you money, but time as well – time that can be used to focus on growing and improving your business. A corporate executive’s time is best spent developing strategies in core business areas, not worrying about the day-to-day activities that keep the business running.

Outsourcing not only saves time for the executives, but it saves time overall. Our employees are experts in their respective areas and can handle projects more efficiently and effectively than an internal employee with limited training and lack of access to sophisticated technology.

Yes, all our partners are required to operate under their own authority. And they are in full control of operations.

Yes. JR covers all areas within a company framework such as payroll/billing, administration, data management, customer service etc.

To keep it simple, you focus on scaling your business, we do the rest.

Several market factors in the United States, including the recent increase in the minimum wage, the rising cost of infrastructure and the ever-changing demand for new technology, hasmade the value of outsourcing more prominent than ever before.

Outsourcing will reduce labor costs, operational costs and technology costs. It eliminates the budget that would be necessary for recruitment and training. It also reduces the need to invest in office space, furniture, equipment, human resource functions and technology. The cost savings can enable a business to maintain lower rates, which will improve its competitive advantage in the market.

Just like you are an expert in your industry, JR hires and trains experts in the operational processes that will improve your business outcomes. Confie BPO has helped complex organizations enhance efficiency, improve customer relationships and reduce costs for nearly 20 years. Confie not only excels at optimizing operations and achieving results for our clients, we have won numerous awards for our positive workplace.

JR specializes in the transportation and logistics business, but serves a wide array of industries including automotive, marketing, finance, and utilities, healthcare and insurance, retail and e-commerce, technology, media and communications, and travel and hospitality.

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